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The world can be a scary place.  Get the skills and confidence you need to combat violent encounters.

BRAVE DEFENSE empowers individuals of all ages to properly prevent and defend themselves against violent attacks by providing realistic, hands-on self-defense and gun safety classes.

BRAVE DEFENSE Instructors are well-trained, highly experienced professionals with law enforcement background to ensure the most up-to-date trends, statistics and effective preventative measures are being taught.

Brave Defense Classes

At BRAVE (Battling Rape And Violent Encounters), we offer a wide variety of educational training seminars for all ages.

Self-Defense Classes

Classes teach individuals up-to-date assault prevention and hands-on self-defense training.

Gun Safety Classes

Classes teach individuals how to handle a concealed weapon and fire a rifle with precision.

Youth Safety Classes

Classes teach elementary to college aged students assault prevention and self-defense.

Workplace Safety Classes

Classes teach organizations how to prepare their facility for emergencies and assault situations.

What Our Clients Think

“Great class for anyone to take, especially young girls and women.”

- Cynthia A.

"Awesome class! Great hands on and opportunity to fight back. Very knowledgeable instructors. Learned a lot."

- Monika

“The best part of the program was giving them the opportunity to actually strike rather than simulate.”


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